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Stake Tool Site Modifier.

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Hi All, 

I am trying to use stake tool modifiers on my proposed site model and keep getting modifier conflicts stating that 'Locus does not lie inside a Grade Limits Modifier.' Does this mean that I must make a grade limit modifier around each stake?


I'm relatively new to site design. The site model was created using spot heights from a survey and the stake tool to insert these Z heights. I added roads as modifiers to the existing site model. When I went to add the different spot heights to the proposed model I keep getting the above error on every stake point. No idea how to resolve this. I used the stake tool site modifier as the heights vary along the roads / etc. in the proposed model so pads and contours wouldn't work. (I don't think!)


Here is a screen shot of the errors. Any help or advice would be great. 



Screenshot (56).png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Stakes are independent objects, so will not disappear when you are looking at the proposed model. However, if you have set them to be Existing, this simply means that they contain levels that should set the level for the Existing site. So, any elevation changes will not be included in the cut and fill calculation.


You should always enclose site modifiers (Stakes or other) within a Grade Limit. You don't need one for each stake - just draw a single grade limit that encloses the whole site, and set this also to relate to the Existing site. The Grade Limit is a mode of the Site Modifiers tool. All modifiers should be enclosed within a Grade Limit, but they can all be enclosed by the same grade limit.


You might find the following free training on Vectorworks University useful. The Site Design course includes a section on Site Modelling.

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Thank you for the help Tamsin, once I set the grade limit everything started working fine.


I am pretty new to Site modelling and BIM in general so I will definitely check out the courses! Really enjoying using these new tools.


I appreciate the quick reply, have a great day!

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