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I am unable to edit window symbols created from plug-ins. They may have been created without convert to plug-in objects option selected. The Info object window indicted it is a plug-in object but does have any settings to modify. What is going on?

Vectorworks 10.5

Mac OS 10.4.3

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A window object could be a Plug-In (would normally be parametric, which you're looking for) or a symbol. The symbol could be static (it was built with extrudes and shapes and then converted to a symbol) or could contain a plug-in object.

If it's a window plug-in object (PIO) that's been put inside a symbol, just double-click to enter the symbol (or command-[ ). There you can modify the PIO and, upon exiting the symbol (command-] ), all instances of the symbol will be updated.

However, if it's a symbol the Object Info Pallet (OIP) should indicate symbol rather than PIO.

Perhaps you mean window object, which would indicate Plug-In on the OIP. I'm unaware of any window plug-ins that aren't parametric (adjustable from the OIP), but they could certainly exist.

Good luck,

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ST - if the file originated in VW 8, you'll need to run the Update to v2 objects command under the Tool>Utilities command.

Also make sure you do not have a class, layer, or resource called "Door" or "Window".

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