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Smart cursor cues after extruding ???

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Why doesn't Smart Cues work after an object has been extruded into a solid ?? I just did a small drawing and after I extruded and joined a few objects Cues won't work to snap objects to Center, Corner etc.

Am I doing something basic wrong??

Any luck with dimensioning in 3D??


Tom in PA

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Here is what I found on a topic search and this goes back to ver10.5..

from 10.5 What's new:



VectorWorks 3D snapping capability has been greatly enhanced. Now the VectorWorks Smart Cursor? can easily find 3D objects, points, centers and distances along curves and edges, making it easy to create and align 3D objects.

I can't do this in VW11.5. What happened between then and now guys??

Tom in PA

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I'd agree generally that 3D snapping in VW could do with a lot of work, but to your problem in particular:

Double click the Object snap in the Constraints pallette.

Turn on the Snap to Edge Points (which for some reason is defaulted to off. )

This will also give you the Centre point of cylinders.

Works for me anyway,



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Double-click the "snap to object" constraint in the constraints pallette. This brings up the "3D snapping" window. Select "snap to edge points".

I don't think the smart cues are perfect on 3D objects - for example they won't give you the centre of an extrude - only the centre of an edge, and curved surfaces give far too many snap points.

There is a 3D dimensioning tutorial at Vector depot that might be of use. http://www.vectordepot.com/downloads/3d_dims.pdf

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Hi David

Saw the link you posted and thought it was the answer to one of my long held wishes for VW. Have to say that by the time I'd read through the pdf I'd gone off the idea. With all due respect long winded to say the least.

I've used Autodesks Inventor for a very short while and am now using Sketch Up. In both these programs 3D dimensioning is a breeze, as easy as 2D dimensioning in VW.

As more and more complexity is added to VW with it seems Architects being the focus of NNA efforts I can see me using VW less and Sketch Up more and more. Its simple interface and great capabilities make it not only a good program to use but a fun one as well.


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Just downloaded SketchUp. What a breeze to use for 3D dimensioning! Why can't we get even part of this functionality with VW which costs way more than SketchUP. I used the program for 15 min and bought it instantly online. I too can VW less and SketchUp more for at least 50% of my daily work. It's a shame that after all the years VW has been out that we still cannot dimension in 3D, even slightly. I too looked at the Vector Depot file. way too much for so little result.

The answer to my prayers...........Thanks.

Tom in PA

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