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Symbol Record Manager



I would like to suggest a new feature for Vectorworks Spotlight.


Currently, if I wanted to edit the default values of my lighting devices, or any symbol with record fields, I need to go to the resource browser and find the symbol, right click to "Attach Record", then select the record, "Edit Values", and then edit the value, and click "OK" twice to edit one record.


I would like to suggest that there be a database implementation where there is a large spreadsheet or something like the "Data Manager" to edit the fields of all symbols and their records quickly and in one place.


Thank you,


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This is exactly what I'm looking for, but it doesn't show all the fields. I have a few custom fields I made and it also doesn't show the "Use Legend" field, which is the field I needed to edit on all my lighting devices.




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If I were you I wouldn’t alter the light info record in any way.


if you want to add extra fields to lighting instrument symbols that correspond to the lighting device parameters, then you should investigate the custom fields option in the Spotlight Preferences under “additional default records“

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