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AR Potential



I'm excited about Nomad AR but it seems very limited in file size and more of a novelty at this point, only working with small objects and scaling / positioning "by eye".
The technology seems to be there to make it more powerful and user-friendly, thinking back to an app called "String AR"  I used to play with with my kids back in 2011 where all you had to do was print the pattern on a sheet of paper and point the app at it, see attached Youtube video.

If there was a way to incorporate the same tech with register marks between a 3D model and matching marks or story poles on a site, think of the possibilities for pre-vis! 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @khumenny,


Thank you for your post! We are currently working on addressing the file size limitation and it is our top priority. Once we have overcome this struggle, we can consider different improvements like location awareness or positioning of models by using image markers. We have talked a lot about using image markers, and we even had a working prototype, but we realized that the technology that allowed us to do this was very restrictive in a way that these image markers had to be built into the app. So, it didn't quite work for our needs. Also, we thought that image markers have a downside that you have to have a printer and print them. What do you think would be the benefit of using an image-based marker vs touch with your finger on any surface to pinpoint where the AR must start? Do you think scanning a QR code could be used to serve the same purpose? Proper scaling and the orientation of the model at the launch of the AR sessions are problems that could probably be approached differently as well. We do show a model scale currently. 100% gives you the model on a real-world scale. We scale the model down so that you can see the whole model on your screen and better orient yourself. What could be a different behavior that would serve you better than scaling/positioning "by eye", if we take the image markers out of the picture?


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova


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Hi @inikolova


Thank you for listening to my dreams and wishes!

Skip the image markers if they are limiting, I thought about it and it would be easy to place a couple of markers in scale on the model and in real size on site to solve the positioning.

The surface works for a flat floor but if I eventually want to place a house on a site, chances are it's not a flat surface or my have vegetation, etc.

Another way might be to link it to a camera view so the AR user could stand at the same spot to launch the model (I do this all the time with photoshop illustrations) and the model would launch in the right position and distance relative to the user, then it could be fine-tuned by eye.


Not sure if any of this is possible but I'm more than happy to help you in any way I can to make science fiction a reality!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thank you, @khumenny for the additional clarification! The performance improvements that we are working on currently will open up the door to many possibilities for AR. I will consult with you once we are ready to tackle further AR improvements.


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