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quickest addition of line lenghts

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Hi @all


anyone here knows the ultimate trick?


I have several lines selected somewhere on the drawing.

I want to summarize their line length.

Except adding the OIP Values manually or create a worksheet, what is the quickest way to get this value ?


Workflow should be something like:

- Select the lines

- do something

=> get result.

- choose other lines

- repeat.


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I asked this question a few weeks ago.  No answer, and I haven't found a way to do it.


On things like our drainage plans, which could be lines from point to point, we just remember to add a third point, even if on a straight line, and draw them as polygons.  It is also possible to compose 2 (or more) intersecting lines after drawing them and it converts them to a polygon where the perimeter is the length.  If you have multiple combined lines they will all compose/connect only to themselves, and it will show as 4 (or whatever) polygons with a total measurement, if all are selected.


While a bit time consuming, if you did it often, a simple script and shortcut key to run it would speed it up.  Best I got! I hope others have better!

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You can create a worksheet function.  Assign a class to the lines you want to total, and create a worksheet cell with the following definition:



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Agree on the worksheet function, but am I the only one who likes to set classes to show or gray others, hit select all just to take a quick look that some drain pipe class (say 6" or whatever) just looks like they are all right?  Old school yes, but I never quite trust all the automation.  But, yes, eventually getting them into a bid form this works great.

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Yes, as requested, worksheet is one solution, but it is not quick enough. I'm looking for something that I can use while drawing.


Basically it is a kind of tent construction that has to fit to an existing canvas.

I am searching for best design of lines, arcs, polygons and nurbs that match a certain perim lenght. It is a trial and error process in which I have to run through, since there will be several shape-designs that fit.

But I guess a function like this could be helpful for the Landmarkers too...

Maybe that is a Marionette task ?

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Try this script. It sums the length of all of the Visible Selected Lines, Arc, Open Polygons and Open Polylines. The value is returned in a string dialog box so you can copy the value if you need to paste it somewhere. If you don't need that functionality, the final output could be provided in a different, less obtrusive fashion like a message box or even an minor alert so it only shown in the bottom border of the drawing window.


You can just create a new blank Vectorscript document and paste everything below into the script editor and then run by double clicking on the script name in a script palette.

Or you can make a Plug-in Command using the Plug-in Manager (Tools menu) and add it to your workspace and give it a keyboard shortcut.


Procedure SumOfSelectedLengths;

{May 25, 2020}
{©2020 Patrick Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

{Displays a dialog box showing the summed length of all}
{selected and visible lines, arcs, open polygons and }
{open polylines.}

{No Warranty Expressed or Implied. Use at your own risk.}
{Stop use and ask a doctor is nausea lasts more than 2 weeks}
{In case of overdose contact poison control center right away}
{Do not operate electic scooters while using this script.}

Var	TheSum:Real;

Procedure AddEm(H1:Handle);

	Var	TheType:Integer;
	Case TheType of
		2:	Begin
				TheSum:=TheSum + HLength(H1);
		5:	Begin
				If Not(IsPolyClosed(H1)) Then TheSum := TheSum + HPerimN(H1);
		6:	Begin
				TheSum:=TheSum + HPerimN(H1);
		8:	Begin
				If Not(IsPolyClosed(H1)) Then TheSum := TheSum + HPerimN(H1);
		21:	Begin
				If Not(IsPolyClosed(H1)) Then TheSum := TheSum + HPerimN(H1);
	ForEachObject(AddEm, ((((T=LINE)|(T=POLY)|(ST=OPENEDARC)|(T=POLYLINE)) & (VSEL=TRUE))));
	S1:=StrDialog('The Sum of the Lengths of the Selected Objects is:', Num2StrF(TheSum));



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