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Vectorworks Dormers or personalise Dormers??

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Hello everyone,


Do you guys uses Vectorworks Dormers?

If you want to personalise the vectorworks dormers can we do it? or else how do you guys create your dormers from scratch?


Might be in future release we might be able to select the place we want to place the dormers with our cursor.


Thanks for some ideas and help

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Guest Wes Gardner

@vassen, I use the automatic dormer creation sequence to build a conceptual dormer getting it close in size and location on the roof.  I then ungroup the dormer resulting in roof faces and walls.  From there you can use wall styles, etc. on the dormer.



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On 5/22/2020 at 3:34 PM, Wes Gardner said:

@vassen, I use the automatic dormer creation sequence to build a conceptual dormer getting it close in size and location on the roof.  I then ungroup the dormer resulting in roof faces and walls.  From there you can use wall styles, etc. on the dormer.



Hi Wes, I'm Michael from Switzerland.

I've tried your suggested method to create a trapezoidal dormer.

The result is promising. I have a conflict though with the lateral roof parts of the dormer...

They aren't walls nor are they roof faces. They come as 3d-polygons.

I can't seem to get these polygons under control. They should look the same way as the roof in section.

Is there a way to transform this inclined 3d-polygons into roof-faces or any other element that looks ok in section? 


Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-22 um 16.33.42.png

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Guest Wes Gardner

@Mi&D, Hi there...yes, if they are inclined that will happen - Vectorworks cannot produce canted walls. Your best bet is to either model them from extrudes or try a roof face. If you can't get the 3D polys to behave,  you may be able to edit the 3D poly and get to the 2D poly that made it (or trace a 2D poly)?  If so, I would then try either roof faces of extrudes.



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Hi Wes

Thanks for reply. I've tried it with roof faces. 

I got it done, but the result isn't yet satisfying. 

Have a look at these 2 screenshots.

In section we have an extrude on the left and a roof face on the right.

Somehow roof faces do not behave the way I'd like them to:

Joining single roof layers - like insulation in this case - isn't possible.


Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-24 um 16.28.04.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-24 um 16.28.18.png

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@Tom W.

Hi again. It's outstanding what an effort some of our colleagues make to get there.

I have one issue to resolve: How to change a roof face into a solid object or into a subdivision?

Actually, starting from a dormer, I'd like to get to a solid or subdivision body to reshape it.

The roof face seems to be very stubborn. I can't find a way to ungroup or explode it.


Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-25 um 12.23.59.png

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Hi @Mi&D I'm not sure I can help you. I have not used Roof Faces much: I've found them quite frustrating/underwhelming the little I've done with them. If I was attempting to build something like that my first port of call would probably be to try making it using Slab objects as you have a lot more control over the individual components, the size/shape of the edges etc.+if it's important to have a BIM object that accurately reflects the real world construction. But then, as per the other thread, you are restricted to a 45 degree incline on the cheeks...

Have a look at this post:

@drelARCH is successfully using Slabs to create something similar to what you are trying to do

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@Tom W.

I did some research meanwhile concerning roof faces offset:


- 2 faces with equal angle : offset is ok

- 2 faces with different angle: offset with troubles

- 1 face is 0° (flat) : offset doesn't work...


see screenshots 1,2,3


Am I doing something wrong?  Or is it a bug?


Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um 14.01.18.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um 14.01.38.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um 13.59.49.png

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@Tom W. At least I got closer to solve it. In my example of trapezoidal Dormer I succeeded in joining 2x2 roof faces. (It hasn't been possible to join a pair 2-layered roof faces).

Still, I have some issues at the offset. There is one edge that shouldn't be there. And the at the inner intersection lines do not meet in the same point...

Is this the best we can get?

PS. In the thread I've found your statement: "to join two Roof Faces using Dual Object Connect Mode + Mitre Roof Face Joins Mode".

I am using a Swiss version of VW. Could you please show me the icons of these 2 Modes. I might need to check...

On the other hand, you're mentioning, that the horizontal face should be set at 0.1° (trick).

Unfortunately, in my case I can't rotate the 8° (y-axis) face 0.1° in the other direction (x-axis)...


Do you know a way how to incline the roof face in both directions (0.1° and 8°)?

This would solve the problem I guess.






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