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Creating OIP controls?

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Hi everyone I'm still on VW2016 and trying to learn marionette.


I know you can generate a pulldown menu in the OIP to select textures using the "get texture node" but, I would like to create a pulldown with my own custom list of items.

is this possible in 2016 or any later versions?  If so, can someone guide me in the right direction?


Thank you

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Not sure how much of this will be the same for 2016 as I know a lot of things were renamed and added later. 


You're looking for the Popup node. You'll have to Edit it with some minor changes to customize it though. 

1-Remove the line at the very top "#COMMAND;READONLYREFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Input\PopupWidget.py;" (This is basically here to lock the node as read only)

2-Change the existing choice list. Keep everything in single quotes to establish strings and you can add more entries by separating them with a comma.


This node only gives you Integer values for the item you select from the pop up. @MRoth has provided an excellent modified Pop up node that also provides the string text here:



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Thank you but I can't seem to find the 'Popup Node' in 2016.  There are only a 'Pop Back' & 'Pop Front' which, I don't believe, have anything to do with a popup window.


... Ok so I took a random node and erased all the python code.  I then retyped all the code you posted above, recompiled it and i got it to work.

I still can't find the 'Popup Node' in 2016 and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to search for a specific node by name.  I hope they have changed that in the newer versions.


Thank you for posting your reply, I really appreciate it because it now gives me the ability to interact with marionette on a whole new level.


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Hi Marissa,


Thank you, that is good to know.  One question will nodes from newer versions work in older versions?  Lets say I have 2020 at home and 2016 in the office, can i create a marionette network in 2020 and save it down to 2016?  The only reason I ask is because I was able to get the popup node to work in 2016 even though it was not offered yet.


Trying to learn marionette is more difficult on 2016 because there are very limited nodes.  Old vectorscript plugins that utilized the OIP dialog can not be easily converted without being able to add things like pulldown menus and sliders.


Thanks again

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Most nodes new nodes will work in 2016 because they use pre-existing python functionality, but some nodes have Marionette-specific functionality, such as the Valve node, the Slider node, and the Chart nodes.

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