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Sarah Harrison

Space Labels disappearing on different Sheet Layers

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I'm using the Space Tool in 2D - works fine on one Sheet Layer in Annotations, but the Space Label disappears when I try and use on a different Sheet Layer - its driving me nuts.  Class visibilities the same on both, (although as an aside, where would you toggle the <space class> on and off?) I don't know what else to try.  Thanks

1st Fl Sheet Layer - Space Tool works fine.png

UG Sheet Layer - same Space Tool, no space Label.png

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If you send a copy of the file I can have a look. Strip out everything except the space object and vp’s if need be.

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Hey Sarah.


There are nested classes inside the space label. They have a "Room-" prefix. You just need to toggle those on. See vid to see how I found this out. By the way is there a reason you have the space objects in the Annotations and not on the design layer? In annotations you have to repeat the space for each plan. In the design layer you can have I use one space object per room for the whole file.

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Thank you so much for the clear explanation, all working fine now! 

To answer your question, its an existing building, each floor is slightly different, so I need a different space for each space (literally).  I am interested though in whether in general the Space Tool is best used in design layer or not - I'm assuming it makes more sense in 3D to have it in design?  I am aware I am using it as a glorified annotation tool at the moment!



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2 hours ago, Sarah Harrison said:


To answer your question, its an existing building, each floor is slightly different, so I need a different space for each space (literally).

Yes I was wondering if there was any particular advantage of placing the spar objects in annotations.


When you do different plans for the same floor for plumbing. Electrical, finishes, ceilings etc will you have a duplicate space object in each vp annotations?


We also use space objects mostly for the label however being able to have a schedule of room areas from spaces is often useful and we use the room finishes functionality too.


Ive used them for 3D bulk and location studies too. There is a lot more you can do with them however it mostly exceeds our requirements.

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