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Layer Opacity Viewing

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I have been experimenting with the layer opacity options, and find them to be a very interesting addition to V12. When using them, a warning pops up that the drawing will appear diferently on a Windows machine than my Mac. Can someone please tell me what the difference is? Do things just look a little darker on Windows?

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The percentage of opacity isn't supported on Windows. If you create a red circle and blue circle, you have control over how transparent/opaque those circles are. Likewise, the overlapping color is actually purple.

On a PC, the overlapping color is a dark purple/brown and the red and blue circles are just solid red or blue - there's no color variation.

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"The percentage of opacity isn't supported on Windows"

Idle curiosity question(s)

Is that ?Not Supported? for viewing only? That is to say, if created in the Mac version, would the drawing at least print correctly from a Windows platform?

Though ?not supported? would the drawing files ?round trip? with the opacity information in tact ? Mac created -> Windows Edited -> back to Mac again

Just curious??


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