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Lost Room Finish Schedule

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This may be a dumb question, but I'm hoping someone has some insight... I've been working on a room finish schedule. Everything was looking good and on the sheet. I then changed the sheet name in the layers menu. Everything still looked good. I then imported a DWG file and now my room finish schedule is gone. Stupid me, I didn't make a backup before importing and by the time I noticed the missing room finish schedule, I'd already overwritten my "good copy. Any suggestions? Start over on my schedule? It took me hours to finish it!

Thanks for you help!

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Schedule=worksheet ... certain that you checked the Worksheets in Resource Browser ?

Also, recall that a worksheet has unique ID# issued by VW at time of creation. If you export the file as Vectorscript all the existing worksheets will be declared within the text. So if it's still lurking ... you will see it. Then all you need to do is copy out that portion of the text and paste it into a generic Vectorscript Header and then import into a new untitled blank document... bingo !

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the Room Schedule was no longer in the resource browser. i've had that happen in the past that is "disappears" but it is found either in the resource browser with data intact or in the Window>Worksheet menu.

I've assumed that this was an unfixable problem and just redid the work today.

thanks for the help!

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