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Reporting Different Units in Worksheets

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I know I knew this at one time but can't for the life of me find the answer on VW help, so I thought I would try here......


In my golf course work, I usually work in feet for construction measurements, but would prefer the scorecard report in yards, without my having to create a formula of "Record/3".  I recall reading somewhere (Jonathan P maybe?) that worksheets could be set to different units than the drawing.  Can that (still) be done?


Thanks if advance for pointing out the obvious on a Monday morning.....

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The units for the secondary dimension are set in File:Document Settings:Units.


For dimensions on the drawing you can pick a Dimension Standard (either in the OIP for a single or multiple dimensions) or in File:Document Settings:Document Preferences:Dimension tab for the default for the document) that uses Dual Dimensions.


The Dimension Standard can be set to display both the primary and secondary dimensions, either stacked or side by side. You can also set a standard to only display the Primary or only display the Secondary. 


As long as the Dimension Standard is set to Dual, there will be check boxes in the OIP to set if the primary and secondary are displayed for each dimension.


In a worksheet I think you would need to use a formula to convert from the Document units to your preferred display.  So something like =Length/3

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I probably wasn't as clear as I should have been.  Can you work in feet on the drawing, but use the dual dimensions of yards in a worksheet? Forgot to mention the scorecard is a worksheet......

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Yes, but you will need to do the conversion manually. The worksheet only returns values in the document units.


Something like =Int(Perim/3) should get you integer yards open polygons in a document formatted in feet.


You will then want to use the Worksheet Format Menu:Cells...:Number Tab and format at Decimal and enter the number of decimal points you want.



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