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Loosing wall component 3D

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I've a problem with the components of a wall.

In Figure1 you can see a corner joint of a wall, and it's good when i'm in plain/top view. You can see all the 3 components of the first wall (numbered 1, 2 and 3) and all the 3 components of the second wall (numbered 4, 5 and 6).

In Figure2 you can see the 3D point of view of the same corner.

Figure3 is a detailed view with the selected walls showing components. Component 3 isn't visible and the thickness of the wall is lower that the ones yu can seen i plain view.


Is this a known issue.

How can I fix it?


Thank you




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This is the file we are working on.

It's seems that the missing component is set to be set at height of 0 (so not visible on the top).

3 people have worked on this file so maybe we have some error in defining components height and I'm working to check those inconsistencies.


Here attached you can find a new picture where you can see that the missing component in visible before the connection with the center wall. 

Schermata 2020-05-20 alle 11.04.19.png

Stato Progetto V07exp.vwx

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Guest Wes Gardner

Looking at the model, that particular wall is Wall Style TPS30 EX - it is set with a Top Bounding of Piano [Story Above].  In this model there is no Story Above for the wall style's level to "see" or to bind to.  It appears that you've used "Fit Walls to Objects Above"?  My Italian just isn't good enough to go through how the walls are set to interface with the roof system.  This may be the reason the interior component isn't working properly. 


My advice is to NOT use Stories and just set the whole model up using Layer bound walls styles.



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