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Duplicate symbol with fixed distance

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Dear fellow VWX users,


Probably easy for the most of you but can someone help me with a script for duplicating a symbol with a fixed distance. For example a piece of scaffolding is 207,2cm and I want to duplicate. So if I assign a shortcut to the script I can doe it quickly without to go to array or something.


Thanks in advance!

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How do you want to enter the values? In a separate dialog box.

In this case I would recommend you to use CTRL + D [Duplicate] and then CTRL + (ALT) +  M [Move/Move 3D.


If there schould be a command for each direction and length of movement, there will be six commands. But they are quite easy to create.

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@MRoth Thank you! But still too much actions. I want to make them as a shortcut with the numeric keypad. For example CMD + shift + 6 for moving 207,2 on the x-axis or CMD + shift + 4 for moving -207,2 on the x-axis.


Something comparative to this. The buttons would be great also but I think that isn't possible within Vectorworks.


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