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Theater Seating Tool

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If anyone is using this time to clean up their venue drawings…


I have a tool that I've been using in one form or another for years that is now stable enough to let other people use it.  (Thanks @MullinRJ and @Pat Stanford!)


It makes seating layouts and seating charts in theaters where the standard VW tool isn't accurate enough to accommodate whimsical rows that were once popular in theater architecture.  It also doesn't clutter up the drawing by putting two arms between each seat.  😀


If you have one of the old versions of this tool, (1) thanks for testing it and (2) replace it with this version (1.1).  It fixes a couple of annoying bugs.


It's stable and useable (for me, at least) for now.  There are some features I'd like to add, depending on the time I have for fun projects.  If anyone has any thoughts about it let me know.


You can down load it here.  There is a sample file with a theater seating chart (some of you will recognize the venue).  The directions give options for creating duplicates of rows and cutting rows to create aisles.  But I've found it's often easier and faster to just make each row between each aisle.


Let's hope seating charts become important again soon.

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My bad, but can't figure out where's the link on the https://www.verysmallgroup.com/theaterow
Are you sure you placed it there? Actually, we got an interesting contract and from the government. The project is leaded by a concertmeister, he wants us to design a concert hall for the Philharmonic (with brass, strings, etc.) with a stage in the center. And for now I hve only one guy who had an experience in such sort of projects

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New update to the seating chart tool, TheateRow.


1.  By default it now uses the @SCParker Seat Spacing Method™.  You can still go back to the old way if you need to match an existing seating situation.

2.  You can now individually select the seat symbol for each seat in the row.

3.  I'm working on a possible covid seating solution.  This version lays some of the ground work.  It can be used "as is" to plan out possible covid seating scenarios.  If I get time to work on it, the user will be able to select a sellable seat and all seats within a specified radius that are not already set to sellable will show as blocked.


I hope we're all back in production before I have time to write it 🙂


You can get the tool, a sample file to play with, and a video demonstration here.

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Hey all, I'm delayed in finding out about this and I would love to use the tool, but I am new to adding tools to the workspace. I tried to check out the video included in the link, but I'm a bit lost just because the tool isn't showing up at all. It's in the plugins folder, it should be the most recent version and as far as I can tell, I did everything right leading up to the "adding it to the workspace" part. 

Thanks and apologies if this is actually really easy and I'm just bad at this. 

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On the top click the Tool tab


On the left you can either look in All Tools or in MK Commands


Once you find it in the left column open the Tool Sets in the right column.  Then open the tool palette you want to put it in.  (i.e., Spotlight, Event Planning, Building Shell, Furn/Fixtures, etc)


Then grab the tool from the left column and drag it to the desired place in the right column.  Make sure it doesn't indent a little under another tool.  If it does just drag it out and back until it lines up on the left side.


That should do it 🙂 

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