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PDF file import, sluggish performance

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Is there a way to speed things up after a PDF import? I'm working with some floor plans, tracing them out, but every view change or geometry added is slow as molasses. And the CPU fan is running constantly.


Why so laboured? Can I reduce the resolution of the PDF to speed things up? I realize my computer is not the latest and greatest, but it works fine otherwise.


VW 2020, SP3.1

Mid-2015 MacBook Pro

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1 hour ago, Ride said:

Can I reduce the resolution of the PDF to speed things up?

You can not reduce the resolution of the PDF inside of Vw, but you can compress the PDF prior to importing it into Vw using a third-party website or application like Smallpdf.com or Lightweight PDF


BlueBeam and Acrobat Pro also have options for compressing PDFs.

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