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replace button does not replace record format

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I wonder if this is a bug or if thats me wo does not understand how record formats are attached:

- drag a symbol with record format "A" attached into a drwaing

- replace this symbol via the replace button in the OIP with some other symbol which has different record format "B" attached.

Result :

the symbol is replaced, but the record format "A" keeps sticked to the instances that are already in the drawing.

I expect the record format to be replaced too....

If it's correct and intended that record formats are not replaced in this way, how can I teach my drawing to replace the record format for all instaces ?

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Posted (edited)
49 minutes ago, halfcouple said:

how can I teach my drawing to replace the record format for all instaces ?


ok, solved so far, as explaind in the help file:

- select the desired instances, select the desired record format, right-click => attach.

But this seems to be a one way road, field values of instances can not be overwitten by replacing the symbol definiton...

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You are correct. The Default values are just that Default. Once a record has been attached to an instance there is no longer any link to the values on the Symbol Definition or to the Record Defaults.


You can use a worksheet to make it easier to do bulk edits of objects with records that are already placed in the drawing.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Pat,



from a programmer's view this seems all logical.

From a users view this seems all unlogical, unless the user is a programmer.  😀


Since I'm only a "super-mini-mini-programmer", I have found my workaround for replacing existing record format values in a drawing:


What is NOT working:

- dragging a Symbol definition with new record format and/or new values to the drawing: This will only affect the symbol definition and the new instance, but not the existing  instances.

- using the attaching/detatching tools from the Menue->Tools->Records: This tool affects only the symbol definitons in the file, and leaves the existing instances untouched.

- Replacing symbol instances with a symbol definition that has other record format(s) attached than the record format of the instances: This will result in adding the new record format to the instance(s) additional to the old one, which stays untouched. ( I am not shure, but I think somewhere there is a rule setting for that behavior about adding/merging record formats ?)


What works:

- replacing symbol instances that have exact the same record format as the new symbol definition,  only with other values: The old values will be overwritten.


Hope this clarifies a bit for others who might stumble over this thread.



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It is actually about the only way a "simple" database can work. It would be far worse to not be able to have records that were individual for a specific instance of an object.

Or even worse have things that you customized for a specific instance changed back to the default when someone edited the symbol or the record.


There have been a number of requests for a field type that would be linked back to either the symbol or record definition and would update when the "master" is updated. I see this as kind of like Styles and the ability to make some fields By Style and some By Instance. I have my fingers crossed (but I am not holding my breath) that we may see an update in the next couple of versions of VW.

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