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Contour Modifiers

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First, use pads instead of contour lines and ensure they are closed.

Second there is no need to model every contour elevation only major transitions in the model. So the .22M to .82 M could be eliminated. This will make for less calculating vertices speeding up the DTM recalculation time.

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Yes, that does take a long time to do anything and freezes up.  We do a lot of similar grading.  It appears you simplified polys which is good.  You can try to simplify more, especially since the smoothness of the site model shouldn't be apparent or important below water. Someone once told me that contour lines with tens of vertices are better than hundreds, which should be the max. If any contour counts in the thousands of vertices it will take forever to calculate, so keep simplifying until you get the count as low as possible and still achieve the look you want. Looks like most of yours have in the tens to low hundreds, so I think Bryan is right - try only the  top and bottom contours, which should probably give you what you want. 

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