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Moving In Reference to a Parented Object?



I have a rectangle and it needs to sit at X, Y (0,0). I have several objects where their relationship to the square needs to stay intact. However, the square currently sits at -2.1', .007". Obviously, I can create a 3D loci at 0,0,0 and just move everything in relationship to that. However, is there a way to "parent" the objects to the rectangle (or another 3D loci for that matter, treating it as a null) and then just type in the desired X,Y positioning? 

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Easiest one time way to do this is to Group the objects and then move. Or maybe just select them and use the Move By Points tool.


If you need them to be retained relative to each other, for the long term you will need to consider other options.


Constraints (From the Dims/Notes palette. Only work for 2D and Hybrid objects in Top/Plan)


Design Layer Viewport


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