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Editing hydrozone tag


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Assuming it’s a styled tag find the style in the RM and right click edit. In the dialogue that pops up go down to edit tag layout (can’t remember the actual wording but it is something like that). Edit the geometry and text as required. It looks like you shld be able to make the “sqk” text length longer as well as the rounded rectangle. Close out of the edit dialogues and see uf the tags look better. Repeat process as necessary until you get it looking good.

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@Pat Stanford hi....well I couldn't know that...isn't it a part of the software...????...why localization could matter...????....I am from Greece working in Saudi Arabia and Middle East...i can't imagine how localization interferes in the software....apparently there is no way to change the geometry or the text size of this tag....

thanks anyway Pat..


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In many parts of the world the local distributor makes special tools and objects to meet the demands of the local market. These objects are not included in the "International" (read as USA) version of VW. This means that most of us have never seen these objects or tools. The only way to get help with them is to contact the distributor or find a local group who also has the same version as you.


Hope that explains it. Even if it does not really make sense.

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