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Missing Prism-Effects in Elation Movinglights + Orientation of Fixtures

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Hey everyone. I used to program shows with Vision 2020 and 2 fixtures show strange behaviour. As I use Elation Smarty Hybrid and Elation Proteus Hybrid in my file. So far everything works fine, but the choice of Prism is strange.

at Smarty Hybrid:

If using Prism 1 (its a circular 16 facette prism) the lights get blackout. Prism 2 (a linear 4 facette Prism) works fine and Prism 3 (combination of Prism 1 and 2) I get a standard beam without any Prism.

at Proteus Hybrid:

If using Prism 1 (its a circular 8 facette prism) I get shown a 4 facette prism which is far away from the original version. Prism 2 (a linear 4 facette prism) I get shown a normal beam and Prism 3 (combination of Prism 1 and 2) I get a standard beam without any Prism as well.


I also think that the Focus is not working correct either.

Could this be updated? I am tired to exchange all time fixtures to get a propper working system. In worst case I would need to switch over again to Wyg which would be a pain cause I need to convert the vectorworks file either.


The 2nd painful problem is the orientation of fixtures. If I draw them correct in VW and export the file to Vison some fixtures hang the wrong way. Its a pain in the ass to handrotate every fixture in Vision (I have often around 200 fixtures to rotate). When will this bug finally be solved in Vision?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For the fixture rotation issue, in Vision use the rotate 3D command found in the edit menu. This will work with multiple fixtures selected and they will rotate on their individual axis. In most cases you will need to rotate them 180° on the Y axis in Vision.





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