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Reshape handles on marionette objects

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I've made a network to distribute circles in a grid within a rectangle. The first version is resized using the object info palette and the second is resized by editing the control geometry of the rectangle that the network gets input from. I've tried using the PIO Handle node and only succeeded at getting my iMac Pro to reflect inwardly for a couple of minutes and then create a grid of hundreds of circles nowhere near the rectangle that the information is coming from. Grouping the second version allows reshaping with handles but also changes any copies to match once the copy is manipulated. I'm getting the feeling that I'm misinterpreting the PIO Handle node's purpose. I can get by with version one but having functioning handles would be very... handy.

rectangles with grids.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Once you move the control points of a Marionette object, they will stay that way. What I would recommend is naming the Control Point node so it's values will appear in the OIP of the Marionette object. You can manually reset them there if you need to.

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