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Publish to pdf creates large file

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I have a fairly small .vwx file with a few design layers. I created sheet 1 and 2 with a few viewports. It published to pdf at 4.6MB

I duplicated Sheet 1 to create sheet A and B, and sheet 2 to create Sheet C.  From A and B I deleted a few viewports - basically spreading the original viewports over 2 sheets., 

Now when I publish ABC to pdf, the size is 42.4MB

These sheets have the exact same viewports, just allocated to different sheets. 

What has made the output so large?  


Has this happened to anyone else?


It is occasionally randomly happening on new files too. Not all new files.

Appreciate any thoughts

Mac OS High Sierra, Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1

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Thanks - but I do not have 'Rasterize' in the publish options.  (Options is greyed out)

Since all the sheets are in the same file - why are 1&2 printing to a smaller output than ABC when it seems to be the same amount of content and no difference in the publish settings?

I went through the exercise of removing everything outside the boundary of the sheets as well, - no change.


BTW - the viewports are 1 site plan, 2 floor plans, 3 elevations and 1 section. Elevations are rendered in  Artistic lines and shadow, hidden line.


It should be a very 'light' file

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you need to select the the sheet (click on it) then the option will became available, you can select all and have same option set up for all or do it individually, I would recommend to select all and set one setting, the most efficient (no raster and, perhaps, reduced image size to 150DPI) and see how it comes out, then fine tune it with different settings.

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