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Walls black in GL render

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I've created a new file with walls. I attached radiators to some of the walls and in doing so, the properties of the walls change to HVAC equipment class. I've changed the walls back to be wall class and removed the radiators from the walls but my walls are all appearing in black in the GL render. How do I change this back? I've checked the class properties and they show the walls should be white but the walls remain black! Any suggestions?

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@Wes Gardner

Thanks for your message.

I've hopefully attached a file. I'm looking at Design Layer 5. Yes, I'm on VW2017 on MacOS Mojave v10.14.6 - sadly I'm trapped on v2017 which doesn't work on Mojave properly, I can't roll back, can't update for fear of losing ALL compatibility and can't afford to upgrade. 

I've just checked Design Layer 4 and it seems fine. So I've obviously done something that I've no idea I've changed & now have no clue how to revert it back - I could cry!


@Pat Stanford I will attempt to find the Attributes Palette ....

Stancombe v1.vwx

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Totally different issue than what Wes and I were thinking. It is a lighting issue.


In VW, until you place a light into a drawing there is a "default" light source. As soon as you place a light, the default light is turned off and the scene is lit only by the placed lights. If you put the lights on a layer or in a class and set that L/C Invisible, the default light returns.


Your LFxt Rec DnLIght symbol contains lights., but they are placed below the floor pointing down, so no light from them is shining on the scene.


Set the Electrical-Lighting class to Invisible and your model will display with white walls. 



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Also, if you are really stuck on Mohave and VW2017, you might want to consider installing a Virtual Machine (Something like Parallels) that could run an older version of MacOS in a window so that VW2017 will run correctly.


You might ask JenK who just did something similar how she did it.



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@Pat Stanford thank you so much for this! Yes, that fixed the problem with the walls but now of course the lights don't appear on the drawing. If I were to change the class of this fittings to none, would that stop the lighting issue but keep them on the drawing? Also could you point me to where I could find out more about Parallels? Looking at @JenK's note this would likely fix my issue but I'm not an IT expert a novice part-time interior designer .... 


I'm SO grateful for your help!

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You probably want to fine a local IT expert to set up a virtual machine. It is not really hard, but there are a lot of small details that you will want to get right.


There are a bunch of choices for virtualization, some commercial (Parallels, VMWare Fusion), some of them free (Virtualbox). The commercial ones have better support. 


I don't think that MacOS is officially supposed to run in a virtual machine, but I know it can be done, but I have not actually tried it myself in a very long time. I think the last version I tried was Mac OS 10.6.


Craig's list might be a good place to find someone local to you to help.

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