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3D Geometry

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Is there a way to pull 'other' geometry in?
For example, I want to have a Lighting Console present in my Signal Flow Chart, and I also have to account for it in 3D space, and I do not want to have to add it twice into two places manually.

Everything in the rack is great, but in live events there is a lot of important gear that doesn't go into racks.


I'm happy to expand on what I'm trying to achieve and give some examples if needed?

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Hi Thomas


Yes there is! It's just not very nice at the moment. You add a symbol to your drawing resources named <make>_<model> and assign the same make and model values to the Equipment object and... it draws in glorious 3D 😁


In the example shown the Make=AllenHeath and Model=Qu16, and the symbol is named AllenHeath_Qu16 in the Resource Manager.


We already made this a lot easier to do in ConnectCAD 2021 - so yes we are moving forward fast.



Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 20.32.06.png

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Thank you very much @Conrad P, unfortunately I can't seem to replicate that result..?


Attached are three .vwx files: 


- empty doc with only one object.vwx, which is the ConnectCAD device


- empty doc with only one symbol.vwx, which is a regular symbol, 3D only


- after merge.vwx, which shows the result of doing both Update Rack Elevation, or Inserting a new Equipment Item.


I'm probably just missing a step somewhere?






empty doc with only one symbol.vwxempty doc with only one object.vwxafter merge.vwx

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Amazing, thank you.

This is going to improve my workflow significantly going forward.


Not only does that work perfectly and immediately, but it also accepts spaces and other characters as well.


The downside is that I lose the device symbol I've created because I'm essentially overwriting it, so my next test is going to be figuring out how to add/update devices in the internal library.

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@Conrad Preen, here is another scenario: integrating with other PIOs


Projectors need power, a video signal and ethernet, and I'd like to put projectors on my schematic.

The catch: they need to be inserted by the Video Screen tool to be useful in 3D space, so I can't use the above 3D Geometry trick without ending up with double objects, which is what I'm trying to avoid in the first place.


Is there a clever way to make this work? It's basically the reverse: I am inserting the Projector and imagining that 'update rack elevation' would work backwards to give me the schematic as the outcome.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Thomas,


Projectors on your schematic are Device objects. When you have more than one Device with the same Name parameter value ConnectCAD assumes that they all refer to the same physical device in the real world. Equipment objects model real-world physical devices. They are to scale, they have dimensions and geometry. And you can use then in your model.


To avoid "double objects" with the Video Screen tool uncheck Show Projector in the Video Screen and put a ConnectCAD Equipment object there instead.


27 minutes ago, Thomas Peters said:

It's basically the reverse: I am inserting the Projector and imagining that 'update rack elevation' would work backwards to give me the schematic as the outcome.


A rack elevation doesn't have the information needed to automatically create a schematic. That stuff is in your head.





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Thank you @Conrad Preen, that is an efficient workaround, and not at all backwards like I was imagining.

I've tested it and my current solution is to let the Video Screen tool insert the lens symbol, and then ConnectCAD insert the projector body symbol- thus, one hand washes the other. For 20 seconds or longer.


I should have been clearer. It's not that I'm imagining a ghost hand doing my work for me- instead, I'm trying to adapt my existing library of assets and workflow to the new dimensions this toolset offers, and I thank you for being so present and responsive on this forum.

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I want to return to this thread with some updated feedback on the way this works in VW2021: being able to select a symbol from the OIP is wonderful, except that I now have to chose either the 2D or 3D part of the symbol, not the hybrid, and on some projects I do actually need both.

In summary: I would like to have my cake and eat it too. Please and thank you @Conrad Preen


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