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Standard Naming

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I haven't tried in a while but think its kept in the Resource browser in your  file, after you run the custom naming command .


Some info from help:

To create a custom naming standard by worksheet:

1.      In a new file, select File > Document Settings > Standard Naming.

The Standard Naming dialog box opens.

2.      Without making any changes, click OK.

Three worksheets are created in the file, and are visible in the Resource Manager: ClassNameStds, LayerNameStds, and ViewNameStds.

3.      From the Resource Manager, right-click one of the worksheets and select Open from the context menu.

The worksheet opens for editing.

Highlight column D (User 1) and from the Worksheet menu select Insert > Columns. A new column is added in front of the selected one.

New columns must be inserted after the AIA/NCS column and before the Description or Pen Color column.

4.      Enter a name in cell D1 for the new standard.

5.      Enter a new standard name for each cell below D1.

Cells left blank in the ClassNameStds worksheet will be assigned to the “None” class. Cells left blank in the LayerNameStds worksheet will be assigned to the “Layer-None” layer. Blank cells are not permitted in the ViewNameStds worksheet; if a worksheet with blank viewport/view names is attempted for use in Standard Naming, an error message is displayed.

6.      The new standard is displayed in the Standard Naming dialog box.

To use these changes in other files, either save the file as a template to be used as the basis for new drawings, or import each worksheet into the other file before running the Standard Naming command.


https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSetup%2FCreating_additional_custom_standards.htm%23XREF_67334_Creating&rhsearch=standard naming&rhsyns=

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