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Opening Untitled Drawing as default

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Can't help but ask, but I'm curious about your request. It seem an industry standard for any program to open a blank doc so it's ready to work - in my case Cinema, Excel, Word, Poser, Acid - they all do this. Photoshop is the only one that doesn't.

What is it that bugs you about this? For me, having "Untitled" in the titlebar always serves as reminder to Save As ....

Again, just curious what it is you wish it would do

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To try and clarify a little bit: it makes sense to have a blank doc open the initial time the program opens. (I guess I'm used to photoshop waiting for me to make the next move when it launches). However, I would like the option to have VW not make a new doc each time I bring VW back to the front when minimized with no drawing open. It's minor, but since there is a limit to the number of drawings that can be open, I always seem to have some 'Untitle 8' file open that I need to close when working on a project with multiple files. This is a minor, minor issue in the big scheme of things, but the thought came to me yesterday and I figured I'd throw it out there.

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I was wondering exactly the same thing just recently.

For me there's the added little irritation that the blank document is in Imperial.

Even though choosing to open a new document (Cmd-N) produces a metric document with the scale I set, the unwanted new document is Imperial with the scale it wants.

Another one of those Human-Interface-Design things....



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Guess that makes sense - The windows version doesn't create a new blank file on minimize/restore, I can see how tht would be very frustrating.

FYI, as I understand it (at least in the Win version) VW opens the file Default.sta out of the root folder on program launch. If you edit the untitled file, with your favorite scale, layers, symbols, etc, and save as Stationary, name it default in your root VW folder, that's what you will start with everytime.

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Just a bit of support for Eric. I find this to be mildly annoying as well. I never work from a blank doc. I either right/double click an existing drawing, or a template file for new work.

For me it's less about opening a new Untitled on launch. On Mac,at least,if V-Works is running in the background with no open doc, it'll open a new Untitled when brought to front.I can't think of another program that does this.No adobe products,not Macromedia,not B-Bedit,not FastTrack,none of Apples stuff (browsers,mail,ITunes etc)...

V-Works is almost always running on my machines. If I close a drawing,do something else and come back to V-works I always have one of these unformatted blank dox to get rid of.

Like he said, it's not a biggie. It just seems a bit odd to have to close these all the time.


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Katie's right although it does work strange.

If in OSX you hide VW, and out of interest I tried this with Sketch Up also, then using say a multi button mouse right click on the icon in the dock and use the show option in the menu it does not create a blank new document.

But just double clicking on the icon in the dock will unhide it but does give you a blank document.....guess Apple know what they are doing!


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"The described behavior of creating a new document is stanard Apple Macintosh OS X behaviour that conforms to the guidelines and other Macintosh applications."

So it's not really a bug. It's software design.

Why don't you just ignore this. Adobe has for the entire Creative Suite,not just P-Shop. It's just a guideline,after all.

Who begins a CAD project with an unformatted, single layer,1:1 scale doc with class options set to 'show/snap/modify'?

Pretty goofy.

Well...whatever. I'm not gonna drop V-Works over it.

[ 12-12-2005, 09:32 PM: Message edited by: ccroft ]

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I think Alan said it best -

To alleviate this problem, rather than clicking on the icon in the dock, right click (cmd+click) on the icon in the dock and select Show.

This eliminates the new document being created.

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