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Corner Window Glitch

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Vectorworks 2020 on PC.

All of my clerestory corner windows objects that are under 2'-0" in height do not connect in the 3D model at the corner.

I'm not sure when or why it happened but every corner window in my project is now offset from each other. It did not used to be like this.

Let me know if you are aware of any mistakes I may have made here.


***I just tried this in a new file and the same thing occurred. Something strange is happening with corner windows set to "Clerestory"

Turning off clerestory fixes the problem however I would like for my windows to display as single dashed lines in 2D. I'm curious to see if this happens with anyone else.





Clerestory Corner Window Problem6.JPG

Clerestory Corner Window Problem5.JPG

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I can confirm this behavior as well.  It's a bug relative to the "Clerestory" setting.

In my file, the corner opens up at 4'-6" in height for the window with the Clerestory setting engaged.

The left window is normal, the right has Clerestory checked. 







I found this thread to report a different but related problem.

All of my corner window plan views are rendering incorrectly. 


The sash / glazing line in 2d extends well past the jamb on the side of the window opposite the corner.

The following image shows regular corner windows.




This image shows a plan view with clerestory engaged:




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