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Loft surface two rails & two Profiles

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A simple question but one I cannot fine documentation for . 


In VW 2020 can I loft two profiles across two rail objects . 

ie - I have profile at outset of loft and profile at end - between these two edge control rail objects .


This must be feasable to control and form but I cannot find the working process . 



I know I can do this in other software eg "Rhino" but this does not seem to exist in Vectorworks modelling _ or am I mistaken . ??



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Thanks Pat , 


But what I am trying to get to-  is when I have a defined Profile for outset - ie beginning (one end ) of rail travel , and also a defined (different scale ) nurbs profile for exit of rail travel . Two rails and two profiles . 1st profile and 2nd profile - travel dependant on choice rotation . Does this exist in Vectorworks ? 



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Guest Wes Gardner

@davidwd...If I'm understanding you correctly, are you talking about something like Sweep 2 or Curve Network in Rhino?  If so, then no, in Vectorworks you're limited to just one profile curve if you choose the Bi-Rail mode, or as Pat suggests, but then you loose the ability to have two rails...




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Loft >One Rail can have start and end profiles. It has its place, but this is not usually helpful, to me at least. The profiles connect/loft directly to each other, except close to the rail, where a fin is created.   Intermediate profiles can be added which gives more control.  But then you may as well just use Loft No Rail.

The Loft No Rail will produce similar to request if one or more intermediate profiles can be determined and positioned. eg if the two rails exist already, place a new profile connecting all the corresponding inflection points. Profiles need same direction. Then in the Loft tool, click each profile in turn.




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loft no rail
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