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Updating fields

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I am trying to build a template that will have the correct date and file name in the title block when it prints. I followed directions on how to build the title block as a symbol and I can manually put in the information on the border info pallette, but I would much prefer if it updated automatically.

Is ther a code so that when I attach the records the info is automatically entered? or when I print that it updates?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try this:


TITLE BLOCK = name of our title block sysmbol

Title Block Info = name of the attached record

Print_Date & File_Name = fileds in the record


{ Ion Webster 2005 }

Procedure SetField(h :HANDLE);


SetRField(h,'Title Block Info','Print_Date',Date(2,0));

SetRField(h,'Title Block Info','File_Name',GetFName);




ForEachObject(SetField ,((S='TITLE BLOCK') & (T=SYMBOL)));



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Forgive my ignorance, but I have really never made or worked with vectorscript.

I have tried to create the scrip you wrote, I copied and pasted Starting with PROCEDURE PrintDate; "into a new edit window, changed the field names as described and tried to run, but nothing happened, not even an error.

Obviously the script works and I have done something wrong. any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

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You need to fulfill the first three lines:

You need to make a new resource:Record named Title Block Info in your document that has at least two TEXT fields. name these:



Or come up with your own names for the fields and or the record, but if you do that change therespective names in the script to match your naming convention.

You need a symbol that is named TITLE BLOCK, or as above change the name and match it in the script. In the symbol make two text fields and select each one in turn, and under the organize menu (Modify VW12) choose link text to record, and choose the rtecord you made, and then the appropriate field.

That should do it.


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