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PAN differences between VISION and MA2 & MA23D

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I have this difference in panning between vision and ma2 and ma2 3d.

I exported from Vectorworks to Vision .MVR

I used the MA2 plug-in to export the vectorworks patch to MA2.

Any ideas how I could be sure which of the two is correct in real life?

From already thank you very much.

Take care and keep SAFE !!!








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Please let us know the fixture types and modes. 


It could also be down to the MA session. What happens when you use Artnet?



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What fixtures is this affecting?

I suspect this is rotational error when the file was imported into Vision.

The quickest way to correct this is to group select the fixtures affected and use the 'Rotate 3D' command found in the edit menu, most commonly you need to rotate 180° on the 'Y' axis.



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@TomWhiteLight Unfortunately, I cannot try ARNET (I have been stranded in Spain for the quarantine for 60 days and I cannot return to my home in South America).
I attach the screen of the patch and the modes of the fixtures.





@jcogdell I think you are right, the fixtures are rotated.

It happens to me with MH3 and Auras.
I have done the import 2 times.
I am using some led tubes, which I have rotated in VW before importing them, and in vision they are in the correct position.
But the Martin I have not rotated in vw.



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This issue occurs because Spotlight and Vision use different symbol definitions from each other due to Vision being originally developed by ESP Vectorworks. One of the differences was that ESP defined the 'front' of a lighting fixture differently from Vectorworks, we have corrected most of the Vision symbols to use the correct Vectorworks definition but there are still some older symbols that have fallen through the cracks due to the size of the fixture libraries (5500+ and increasing monthly).


The rotate 3D command will correct the issue at the Vision side and I'll open a bug report to get the fixtures corrected in the library. For the bug report what mode are the aura's in? in Vision each mode is a separate fixture type!


Also hope you can get home soon!



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Thanks for the reply, and I understand about the fixtures libreries, they are endless, lol.

The aura are in standard mode.

And thanks for your wishes of my return !!!

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