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Confirmation Windows in VW12

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Whenever you execute a command in Version 12 and you are required to give a yes or no response to a ?Confirmation Window? the ?Y? and ?N? keys no longer work as the did for all previous versions as well as most Windows applications. Please bring them back.

While on the subject, I would like to say, I have noticed that the Vectorworks design team has constantly removed the keyboard commands and replaced them with mouse click commands. This is not how CAD should work. We are in a high paced drawing field and the more I have to zero in on a button on the screen to get my work done the slower I draw. Case in point ? Zoom out was removed from the Basic tool pallet and hence the shortcut ?V? was also removed, yes this is one item that I was able to correct as well as many others, but my point is that they were once there. Other examples are mostly evident in the variety of popup windows that I must contend with to draw. Example, is the new door dialog, I like the visibility of the door, but I don?t like that all the information is not available on the main screen of the dialog, why the tabs? Don?t get me wrong I love Vectorworks I just feel that we are being taken over by a generation of point and click users who don?t realize how much faster CAD can be if you learn to use the Keyboard as well. Efficiency of work is being lost, the fancy GUI gets annoying after the cuteness wares off.

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