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Existing Symbol as a Hyperlink

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In order to be a clickable link, the object types has to be a Hyperlink object. You can't just associate a link to a symbol (please submit a wish for this functionality).


You can associate an existing symbol with a link and right click on any part of the symbol to open the link.


You can make a Hyperlink object with an associated into a "Red" symbol by clicking the Convert to Plugin Object check box on the insertion options. That way it can be stored as a Resource in the Resource Manager by still insert as a Hyperlink.


If you set the Hyperlink to have no Label, then the symbol itself becomes the link, but there is no real indication in the drawing that it is clickable.



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Why VW 2020 was NOT Hyperlinking as expected - please see the attached


VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit)  iMacPro OS 10.15.4


1. New VW 2020 file - Simple test

2. Create New Symbol

3. Create Hyperlink

4. Associated New Symbol with New Hyperlink

5. Click to Place Hyperlink

6. Command Click associated New Symbol

7. No Link (?)

8. Zoom to Fit All

9. Add dimension

10. Hyperlink is 16,000 feet from associated symbol.

11. Command - Hyper

12. Link Works

13. Align center of  New Hyperlink to center of new Symbol

14. Much better





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