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Filling in a Solid



I have a set of polygons that were imported as OBJs - so it comes in as a solid addition. 


Is there a way to fill the solid so it's not just a shell? It's essentially an empty pyramid. Trying to avoid remodeling as I have a ton of these objects that need to be turned into filled solids. 



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Select the Solid addition and use the Menu command: Model > 3d Powerpack > Create Planar Caps.


This will cap off a "missing" surface. As the name suggest this will create Planar geometry, so anything that needs caps that are multi planar will fail. From there you will need to use the Add solids command.


To check that it really has become a solid, view in OpenGL and use the clipcube on the object. It should be filled with the red shading.

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@markdd to the rescue! Putting out a small 🔥


Note that the 3D polygons that came in, I first selected all the faces, then selected Add Solids then I did Create Planar Caps and then selected all and did Add Solids again. Achieved exactly what I was looking for. Nice! 

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