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ConnetCAD2020 - Sample File

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Hi There,


i am new in ConnectCAD2020. Is there any sample file or is it possible to get a sample that includes:


- some plugs XLR (on the stage)

- a  16 port patchpanel 19" XLR in a 19" rack (in a tecroom)

- a kinde of audio multicore e.g. 16IN / 8Return (Harting to XLR)

(- a audio desk)


- What is a symbol für an "open" xlr socket, wich is not uses at the moment (plugbox in stagefloor)

- How do you use a CAT Patchpanel eg. 24 Port where only 16 Ports are usesd or connected by copper. 8 Ports free - no keystone for late use.



Sorry for my english.


king regards 


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Hi @JimWoodward

thanks for sharing! was actually looking for some hints on how to deal with multicore cables (which you seem to use, but not how I was hoping, you would. 😉 )

What I am very interested in though:
How do you assign those object IDs in the name of an object?

Could see anything in the data manager (the only tool me as newbie might expect to be responsible for such trickery.)




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