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Spotlight Parameters: Share custom OIP 3

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While working on a Spotlight vw drawing, interrupting the workflow to change to a different customized Spotlight lighting device parameter setting can take some time.


Would it be possible to add an additional drop down menu item in the Spotlight OIP labeled "OIP Setting" or such? clicking on that dropdown button would reveal all custom OIP settings, allowing for a custom OIP to be selected on the fly, allowing the different custom OIP to be selected, and workflow to continue.


It would even be more terrific if the drop down menu included "default" and "current", allowing direct access to the Spotlight Preferences Lighting Device: Parameters dialogue box. Getting directly to the Spotlight Preferences window to either create a new customized OIP from scratch, or one modified from the current OIP, would also speed overall workflow and continuity while drafting.



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40 minutes ago, JBenghiat said:

You can already do this to some extent via data sheets. The only thing you can’t add are things like buttons or menus that populate via code. 


Well, that sounds sort of helpful. If the data sheet doesn't include buttons or menus, that wouldn't be a complete solution for my use. I use the Custom Control buttons as "headers" in the OIP to shape the layout of the palette and make it simpler to read through the groups of data that i've sorted for my use. and sadly, once you say "code" my eyes glaze over. in that regard, i'm just a dumb end user.

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