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GIS Image download failed

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I used to have exactly the same thing. 


I did some trial and error and it seems it starts working when you geolocate (i.e. using the Geolocate Tool) your site. In my exercise I didn't need any specific location so I just clicked in the middle of my area of interest and that did the trick. Try it out and let me know how it went. 


Small update and query:


I noticed that the Geoimage is not visible in Sheet Layer. I checked visibiliies of layers and classes and can't figure out what I did wrong. Any thoughts?

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15 hours ago, Tom W. said:

Hi @Michal Zarzecki I just tried making a viewport of a Geoimage + it worked fine. And I exported to PDF for good measure + that was fine too. Obviously when you close the file + reopen it you have to update the Geoimage on the design layer for it to appear again.

Hm, I've tried to update the Geoimage several times but no luck. This whole feature seems quite buggy to me. Thanks for checking! 😃 

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I would like to explore the GeoImage topic a bit further. Is there something wrong with my settings or the quality of any GeoImage when exported to PDF is really poor? The colours and pixelation look really dreadful on the pdf exports. I am not sure if I can present such output to a client or local authority.


Can you advise what settings to use to optimise it? Or, perhaps that quality is the limitation of Esri's licence?

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@Michal Zarzecki When quality matters, I don’t trust Vectorworks current implementation of Geoimages.  It’s far more reliable to acquire good images and manually place them IMHO, especially when the Geoimages feature requires an internet connection and refreshing to work properly.  I wish this wasn’t the case, so much potential.

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On 5/8/2021 at 10:25 PM, jeff prince said:

I wish this wasn’t the case, so much potential.

 Unfortunately I must agree. This is very disappointing as it would have made life much easier and streamlined work.


At least I know it's nothing wrong with my settings.

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I have also been trying to get better resolution images - since the geoimage tool seems to offer connection to various arcGIS services.  It works fine for very large area plans, but does not really function well enough for projects outside of the planning phases when you zoom in even to relatively large projects.


I have not had success getting better quality imagery services (clarity/firefly) that are open/accessible, but perhaps @Tamsin Slatter has some pointers on this topic, since there is a useful webinar on the subject. 


Hoping that higher resolutions might be usable in the near future.

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The World Imagery server should be able to provide higher resolution images. Another option could be to use QGIS or GlobalMapper to retrieve geoimages, these can provide higher resolution images for small(er) areas as well, at least considerably higher than Geoimage currently seems to be able to. It seems to max out at a resolution of roughly 2000 for smaller areas with not that much detail if you need to zoom in at e.g. a neighbourhood. My guess is that this might be a licensing limitation because of the deal between VW and ArcGIS and you may need to get a paid subscription to some of the ArcGIS services to get a higher resolution.


Though some of these free geoimage servers that QGIS/Global Mapper are using are basically the same as from Google and ArcGIS free image servers, so they may not be the most up to date images for higher resolutions. Though if you have the server address it should also work from within Geoimage. You may also want to look if there are public (i.e. funded by national/local authorities) image servers that provide geoimages (and other data). These may also be able to provide higher resolution images. The downside is that you won't have live images and may have to download a new image after a while if there are updates to the area.

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