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Surface array on a Sphere



Is there a way to take 3D cone created with the cone tool and create a surface array around a Sphere created with the sphere tool? I am trying to create a spiked wheel for a project. If possible I would like it to be a random pattern.

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Here is a really basic method and some notes to get part way there. Cones are not arranged in a true random fashion, but do not have to be in recognizable rows, columns or spirals:

1.  The Create Surface Array generally want base surface to be a NURBS.  Start with a sphere, then either Modify>Convert>Convert to NURBS, or use the Extract tool to grab a NURBS Surface (probably best to delete the sphere after).

2.  Create a cone and use the Create Surface Array.  Not sure why, but the cones do not place with base on the surface.  Edit the Surface Array to adjust the z of the source cone to about 1/2 the cone height.

3. Accept the defaults then adjust array in the OIP.  I had best luck with Fixed Distance and playing with the offsets and shifts. Edge condition Omit (at bottom).

4. Ungroup a Surface Array, or Convert to Group to access the individual cones.   Therefore, duplicate the array, convert to Group, and change the cone parameters (individually or whole group), rotate  3d (group or individuals). Rather cumbersome, but allows lots of control.



Another approach is to array many cones, ungroup and delete, modify and rotate the individual cones.


Another approach is to create a Marionette process, probably to place and rotate individual objects on a fixed radius with different 3d rotations, rather than starting with the Create Surface Array command . . . but, I dunno.


Post back with your wheels!








Array on Sphere v2020.vwx

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