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viewport views according to working plane

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Hi @ all

just stumbled over this:


the views offered in the OIP of a viewport (Top / Left Isometric / Right Isometric.... etc. ) are always according to layer plane.  What is the quickest way to align a model in a viewport to a saved working plane ?

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If I understand your meaning correctly you need see the preset views (Top, Left, Left iso etc..) relative to the save working plane. If that's the case then you need to make sure that the saved working plane is active and that this button is ON



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Hi markdd,


that was my first thought too, it should work that way, but it does not,- it's working only on design layers, not with viewports on sheet layers ...


I want to change this setting




aligned to working plane.


The only way I found to do that, is to go to the design layer, activate the desired working plane, and create a new viewport. There seems to be no way to re-align an existing viewport.





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This is not ideal, but if you save a working plane view and then replicate the Yaw, Pitch and Roll values using a Custom View and using the Set View button. 


I've managed to do it here on a rudimentary object and it works with a little bit of trial and error!!


You can also section a Sheet layer Viewport to get another more complex view much like what you want to do here. You can then delete the viewport you sectioned leaving you with what I think you need.


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Hi Mark,

I have generally skipped using the Set View Button several years ago. Main reason was that it is not replicable,- after setting several clicks turning and twisting you dont know what you did and  I always ended up with either doing dozens of undos or deleting and creating a new viewport right in the desired view, which I guess seems to be the quickest way to transform a Viewport to any other view than the presets on layer plane. Too bad the button "Working Plane Views" do not work in this manner,- it would be an intuitive workflow, similar to the general activation of a working plane. Another whishlist-topic ?


Thanks for your help 🙂

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