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PIO String Values

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Is there a way to collect the plug-in string values of a plug-in object from outside the plug-in.  Inside the plug-in, the PIO collects string values wit GetPlugInString(index), but that will not work outside the PIO code.  I have a command that would like to collect some of the plug-in string values of 4 different PIOs  is this possible.  If so, how?


Yet again TIA




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No.  I need to harvest the values stored in a PIO's plug-in strings.  The values are not known.  populating the plug-in strings from a shared source outside the PIO and the command is not possible.  So, the question remains is there a way to obtain the values of the plug-in strings of an existing PIO ?

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If I'm not mistaken the string values associated with a plugin are similar to the storage of default parameter values. They are stored in your application's workspace/ menu environment not the drawing file. This view is reinforced by the fact that there is no means to change the value from within plugin. While they could change from one Vectorworks installation to another that would be unlikely as the person who wrote the script would have to allow for every different variation. Such as having text strings for different language installations. The local VW reseller would be changing them in that instance before selling the regional version of VW to you.

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 Every user has access to a custom or third party PIO's plug-in strings via the plug-in manager.  Only the Built-in plug-ins require the local distributor to localize PIO text.  So.., does a VS command have any access to the Plug-in String values entered for plug-ins that are not part of the VS command wanting the values.

VS command "A" wants to make a list of PIO "B"s plug in strings for display or any number of other purposes.  Possible?

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