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HOW find dimension of an object created with MARIONETTE in a REPORT

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HI to everybody.

I'm an Italian ARCHITECT. Two years AGO I started to use VECTORWORKs and I'm improuving DAY by DAY . In this days i'm studying MARIONETTE. I'm trying to create simple objet for my job routine just LIKE a WOODEN PANEL ... 


I made a connection between my object "PANNELLO TAMBURATO"  to a personalised RECORD 


The second STEP that i'm trying to improve is the possibility to find dimension x (SPESSORE) , y (LUNGHEZZA) an d z (ALTEZZA) in a report. The goal for me is have a report that says to me how many panels i have in my 3d model and what dimension they have.


I hope to be clear.


thanks a lot in advance for jour help.



Schermata 2020-05-03 alle 11.49.55.png

Schermata 2020-05-03 alle 11.50.08.png

Schermata 2020-05-03 alle 11.45.21.png

Schermata 2020-05-03 alle 11.45.10.png

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The "best" (in my opinion) way to do this is to include in your Marionette the nodes to attach a record and store the x/y/z data in fields in that record.


You may be able to use the default worksheet commands for Height, Width, Depth, but they usually depend on the orientation of the object. By using your own record you will definitely know the data matches the drawing.


This thread may help.



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I think you want to take the output of Lunghezza, Spessore, and Altezza each to a separate Set Record Field node. See the other thread linked above for more details.


Use the Get PIO (displays as Parent PIO in the drawing) as the Handle to the object to attach the record to. Use String nodes to specify the Record name and field name. 


You may have to convert the dimension to a string before you can store it in the record as records only hold strings. But the nodes may be smart enough to do that for you.


Good luck and ask again if you still need help. You may want to post a file with your Marionette object so we can actually try and see how to make it work with your object.

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1 minute ago, MAURO said:


I have to thank you all of you for your help. 

now it runs very well... 


have a nice day




Schermata 2020-05-15 alle 16.54.47.png

Schermata 2020-05-15 alle 16.53.36.png

Schermata 2020-05-15 alle 16.49.48.png

Schermata 2020-05-15 alle 16.47.56.png

This looks great! I have been looking to do the same thing. Have you tried to have a data tag automatically linked to this objects that will show in your drawing a unique #? That is something I would like to be able to do, in addition.


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