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Editing Room FInishes Through Worksheet

Liene Cikanovica


I have had trouble editing room finishes through worksheets for spaces with Space Style. Even all the Room Finishes are by instance, whenever I attempt to change the finish using dropdown, I get a message: "One or more objects could not be updated because the selected parameter is defined by the object style". The fields are not grayed out as it would be if it was by style. If I make the space unstyled, I have no trouble changing the finishes in the worksheet.


If I check "Hide Style Parameters" in Object Info Palette the option to to edit Room Finishes disappears, even when all the parameters are by instance.

If I update the Space Style all the applied finishes of all the spaces that has the style turns into the default finishes (or disappear)

I believe there are some issues with the overall Room Finishes by style/by instance setting, as there is no place in the Space Settings one can define it. I guess, it assumes that in all the styled spaces Roof Finishes are by style in default and overrides other "sub-properties"


I can easily edit the finishes through Space Settings for the styled Spaces, but the problem that I have to go to my 100 spaces and do it room by room. Then, when I have spent several hours editing finishes to individual spaces and all looked good, for whatever reason I decided to update the Space Style, all my work was gone - all the finishes turned into the default Space Style Room Finishes. My conclusion - I can't use Space Styles for rooms with different finishes.


Let me know if I have missed out something in the settings.


Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.16.35.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.16.18.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.13.39.png


Spece Finishes Test File.vwx

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Update in the experience using the Space Tool
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Hi @Liene CikanovicaI had a quick look at your file. It seems you are correct about room finishes for styled spaces being by style regardless of the space settings. I couldn't find a way of editing the styled spaces via the worksheet either. Is this happening for other files too?


I am using VW 2019 and this problem isn't happening for me. (That said, with VW2019 there are other problems editing both styled and unstyled space objects via worksheets).


Maybe it's best to just not use space styles for now? As a work around the "Space Styles" could instead be saved as unstyled spaces inside symbols. The symbols could be set to convert to plug-in objects on insertion. Doing this would mean you would have to drag the spaces symbols out of the RM rather than use the space tool and as all spaces would be unstyled you would not be able to edit spaces by style. You would however get full control of room finishes via the worksheet which I think is more important.

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