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P Retondo

Hide wall components in v2020 is worse than it was before

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The new system for hiding wall components (low / medium / high detail) is a big step backwards, unless I don't understand something.  With low detail, much of my door and window graphics disappear along with the components!  Bad.  Is there any way I can just turn off wall components like we used to be able to do?

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@P Retondo, Yes, if a wall style is set up correctly, really nothing has changed.  To get the container class of the wall to show (like if you just wanted two parallel lines to indicate your walls), you must turn off ALL the component classes that are associated with that wall style.

In the attached file, try turning off the Wall-Component classes...is this what you're after?





Component Wall.vwx

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Wes, I used to uncheck "show components" in Viewport advanced preferences.  I don't want to eliminate all the components or turn off classes, I just don't want to see components at 1/4".  So that is a big change, and the "low, medium, high" detail settings are not at all the same.  BTW, if I turn off component classes, things like gyp bd and sheathing just disappear, and all we see is the wall framing component.  Sorry, but to me this is just one more example of VW sloppy engineering and lack of consideration for the professionals to whom their software is supposed to deliver for my yearly payments!

For example, viewport at "medium":



Same viewport at "low", missing door double line, jambs, and French doors in closed position:



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Wes, I actually construct my wall components in the way you do.  I did a little experiment, and found that ONLY if you disable all of the component classes do you get an acceptable result.  The image below shows (top): all component classes disabled, and I added a gray fill to your wall class; (middle):  just siding and interior finish component classes disabled; and (bottom): no classes disabled.  Although I think your suggestion is workable in most cases, I often apply the component classes to other objects in order to quickly assign the class attributes, and those objects will disappear if I follow your method.  And besides, I still argue that the previous "show components" as a viewport option was easier and worked just fine the way it was.



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Ah, I see the option is called "show all details" in the top/plan options.


Different to the "show wall, slab and roof components" that is available in section viewport options.


FWIW I don't use top plan any more, and use the "merge cross sections" option in horizontal sections when I don't want to see the innards of walls.


That doesn't help you here. But I can see why what is described would be problematic. I use "material" classes, which means that I use the same class for a bit of plasterboard whether it's a wall component or modelled indivudually somewhere else in the building. So if I had to turn that class off in order to get my wall to look as I wanted, then it would be a problem if other objects with that class disappeared too.

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I actually cannot make this work.  Manipulating component styles sometimes causes only the structural component to show.  Now I have to show components in 1/4" scale plans, not very professional.

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