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The best / most easy 2nd party render software

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If you are rendering in viewports, don't be afraid to turn the resolution of the sheet layer way down at the early stages. The equivalent resolution of your screen is about 100 to 120 dpi. You don't need to run all of your preliminary tests at your final output resolution of 300-600 dpi. Something like 50 to 70 dpi is probably enough to get an idea of if the textures are in the right place and the shadows are where you want them. The render time between 75 dpi and 300 dpi is something like a factor of 15 times faster.

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@Pat Stanford  Thanks Pat, the DPI is something I'll do.    @bcd    That's amazing render speeds!  @TomWhiteLight Tom. My issue isn't "What buttons to push" it's more a time on tools issue, playing with RW beyond what I'm uses to doing; upping my game as it were. I've used RW for more than a decade & sat in a few of the training sessions at 3 of the past Design Summits so it's like anything practice, practice practice. As I noted,  for 80% of what I do RW is great, camera match alone (while a bit fussy) has allowed me to have let Photoshop laps a couple of years back. 

@Kevin Allen Yeah I find lighting a bit fussy, as I don't do a lot of full RW viewports, I find I have to think about the lighting tools as to my old noggin I don't find them as intuitive as other tools. 

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Renderworks is great and I use it all the time but I still had more realistic renderings years ago when I used Sketchup with the many rendering add-ons that were available.

It would be nice to take it to the next level with software like Enscape which is only available for VW on PC and I'm on a Mac. But anyone on PC should give it a go, they have a free trial.

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