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Custom Signal Cable for Video Signals

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@trashcan You're welcome. Now, if you want to take cable tools to the next level, check out the AutoPlot version of cable tools. http://autoplotvw.com/

If you want to see them all in action, Sam did a four hour webinar showing just about every one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/peyn55413q0x8cp/Cable Tools Webinar.mp4?dl=0

His tools are the base for the VW version. He then continued his add on development. Best $35 you'll ever spend.


Best, Scott

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I edited the VW version as I don't have autoplot. I realized the issue was that I renamed the "connector" parameter to "cable type". VW did not like that and all of my jumper cables disappeared. Once I changed the naming back, everything is back and working as expected.


But just for my knowledge, is there an easy way to restore a built-in plugin back to defaults if needed?

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