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Crowd-Sourcing a Better Vectorworks

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Thanks for the shout out. This kind of categorisation could also be done with Tags.


When Jim and the team overhauled the forum there was some discussion about preconfigured tags but it wasn't so straightforward. Not sure if there's been any developments since the discussion below but Jim's gone now so there's no one driving it forwards.


In hindsight I think a closed system would have been better. I'd rather there was a comprehensive set of tags that everybody had to use and a Wishlist for adding more over time. This way when you search a tag you can be sure you're retrieving all relevant threads.


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7 hours ago, Christiaan said:

This kind of categorisation could also be done with Tags.



I've experimented with tags, but since users specify the tags, it's really like adding keywords to a post rather than any kind of big-picture structure.

I imagine that it could work with a closed system - where the tags were selected from a pre-defined list.  The trick would be in making the user interface friendly enough to use as there could be a thousand+ different tags.  I would imagine an automatic search on entry so that a list of tags that matched the spelling would pop up upon entry.  That assumes, however, that everyone has a detailed name recognition of all of the tools, menu commands, etc...


I don't know that I have a better answer, but I do appreciate the increased transparency with the software team and the efforts to respond to user requests ... and I feel that the existing feedback system is woefully inefficient.


@unearthed I think the users and the shareholders already have the common goal of seeing the software succeed.  We're all investing significant resources in that direction.  My observation is that the process of including the users in the enhancement and development of the software is under supported and under-utilized. 

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@Taproot totally agree re under-utilization of user input. Continual evidence that there are very few (if any) landscape architects, architects, surveyors etc on staff at VW, otherwise we would have a program that was more fit for purpose. Don't get me wrong, VW's  okay but only okay; it not an enabling software but something where good results are in spite of it.


That said it's rare for ANY software company to even think of the landscape community so they're ahead of the pack there. For me I just want something so I can get landscapes built, I don't need BIM; photorealism; a GIS (let's face it a CAD can never be a GIS) - I just need shp file handling. Marionette looks interesting but Rhino+Grasshopper looks better value for the $.

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