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Worksheet fonts

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GoTo>System Profile >Fonts

Check to see if Texton is listed as TrueType or Type1.

Geneva or Courier are fill-in for missing Postscript compatible fonts. In the past there were two font descriptions for each font: screen and output.

OSX is postscript requiring ps ( bezier not Bitmap ) fonts. Print to PDF>Preview and see what happens.

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The font substitution in VW 11 and earlier was done to work around an issue with specific font types and carbon applications.

The font substitution is lifted in VW 12 since it's a cooca application.

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Well. here's what I've got.

My Tekton font (type 1) was living in OS9 system folder. There it was available to OS10.3.9 and/or Vectorworks 11.5.1 for general text (would display and print), but would have another font substituted for it in worksheets (printed output only - it would display OK), even though it appeared in the worksheet's Format Text menu. (Weird huh?)

I installed Tekton in OS10 via Fontbook, and now it print fine.

Thanks all for your suggestions.

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