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Michal Zarzecki

Grassland Specification and Annotation

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Hi guys,


I was wondering how you create, specify,  annotate and schedule grassed areas in Landmark?


I did this for the first time recently and I am not that happy with the workflow I came up with.


I created a species for each grass mix with category such as Lawn, Turf, Meadow etc.

I created a Data Tag that return the mix name and the area.

I needed to figure out how to pick it up by the schedule. 

In defined the Criteria as Type = Landscape Area and various names (criterium Name). To schedule the total areas per each grassland type I set the column criteria to Record; Landscape Area; Area. I ticked the Sum Values box.


Is there an easier way to do it?

Do I need to actually create species for these areas? I thought that I could filter for Polygons or closed Polylines, but couldn't figure out how to categorise them or name them.


I would love to hear how you do it or how you think it would be easier to do it.

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I generally create a custom record format for native seed mixes then use that info in the worksheet. These RF's can be attached to a Landscape area. I have found this to be the most convenient and fastest with the best results.

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@bgoff, thanks for sharing your method. I was thinking about using Records as well. haven't explored that functionality yet though.

What do you then use as planting within those Landscape Areas - generic plant styles as placeholders?

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On 4/24/2020 at 2:06 PM, bgoff said:

I generally create a custom record format for native seed mixes then use that info in the worksheet. These RF's can be attached to a Landscape area. I have found this to be the most convenient and fastest with the best results.

New user wondering if you could recommend a tutorial or two on RF creation and attachment to a landscape area?

And of course getting them into a planting schedule


I have a current project where I want to use Cynodon hybrida Dog Turf (in plug form) for one of the main lawn areas and a No-Mow fine fescue seed mix for other areas... 


Thanks for any help!

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@hollister design Studio 

You can create a Record Format from the Resource Manager. Open it and click the New Resource button at the bottom left of the window. Choose Record Format. Add and edit the fields that you need, such as product name, supplier's name or any specification items you see fit.

Once created you go to your polygon representing the grass area and select it. In the Object Info Palette (OIP) select the Data tab at the top. There will be three buttons - choose Attach Record and choose the Record Format you have just created.

Now the Schedule.

Create one in the same way as the RF, in the Resource Manager. Once created, right click on it and choose to Edit. You will be asked to specify the number of rows and columns, but don't think about it too much as you can add more later. Select the first cell and go to Database meu in the Tool Bar at the top. Choose Database from the menu. A new window/ prompt will appear with the definition of the DB criteria. From the first drop-down list choose Record. In the middle, select you RF name and in the last one choose "is present". The Worksheet will be only looking at objects having that RF attached. Now define the criteria for each column. The row in which you created the DB will have a small black diamond symbol and all column headers will have drop-down arrows. Click on the first arrow - the new prompt window will open. It will already have Records in the first drop-down list. In the next one choose your RF name. From the lower list select the attribute you want to use for the first column, such as Product Name/ Turf Name. Assign your attributes to each of the column headers. If you want to schedule the area of each turf, rather than selecting the Records in the first list, choose Functions. The second will disappear and only the bottom list will be left.  Choose Area.


Tell me later how it went and if you need any further help.




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