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BIM : are the IFC export file units from a Vectorworks project always milimeters?

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We have a client dealing with a very demanding BIM convention, and I would be more than happy if anyone could help me with this.



When exporting a project as an IFC Project, whatever are the units settings in the Vectorworks files, the units in the IFC file seem to be always millimeters.

Is there a way to change this or it is a default setting?

If yes: Where and how?

If no: How are your clients dealing with this when merging with files coming from Revit?



Our client has to merge his building IFC model in a CIM model, 

the CIM model is made with Revit, 

when the his upload takes place without specific settings in the checker (EveBIM), his model is placed very far away from its CIM model placement

has anyone experienced this kind of problem?



Line from a Revit IFC export from the studio responsible for the 



Line from our clients IFC export from Vectorworks 



Could anyone explain to me what the two last arguments stand for?

I found nothing on this, my guess is that the first one specifies the file units for length (if MILLI  it would mean that units for length in the model are millimeters) and if there's a $ it is inherited, but from what?

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