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Odd Camera View Behavior Between Keyframes ...

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Odd Camera View Behavior Between Keyframes ...



VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit)  iMacPro OS 10.15.4



Completed a Fly thru for a client - 4+ min - compiled from 10  - Fly Freely Animation Paths.

Lots of restarting the software and the computer to eliminate odd anomalies.

Lots of starting over, as the Fly Freely Animation Path has some limitations.




One item that is troublesome, is the way the Camera behaves automatically, between Keyframes.


One can spend a great deal of time adjusting Keyframes, then wonder why there is a slight "wobble" in the final animation


See the attached PDF of Screen Shots


1, 2, & 3 are the Keyframes on a simple test Fly Freely Animation Path. -    0% - 50% - 100% (Note: Delete Keyframe is available in the Obj Info Palette)

     These three screen shots show that the camera view is more or less looking directly at the central "Test Cube" for each of three Keyframes. As desired / intended.



4, & 5 show mid points between the three Keyframes on a test Fly Freely Animation Path. 25% & 75% (Note: Add Keyframe is available in the Obj Info Palette)

     These two screen shots show that the camera is NOT looking directly at the central "Test Cube". NOT as desired / intended.



This anomaly results in a wobble as the camera starts by looking at the desired / intended component in the 1st / 0% Key Frame, then looks slightly away at 25%, then returns to the desired / intended view as it approaches the 2nd / 50% Keyframe, then again looks slightly away as it approaches the 75% location on the Time Line  ... etcetera



Question for You to answer: As the software is determining these "in-between camera views" Why do they drift?



-  Peter




Keyframes vs Mid Points.pdf

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